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Imagine living the life you've always dreamed of

 Turn Fear to Focus, Pain to Power and Difficulty to Determination
We create clarity, confidence and cashflow!

Hello Gorgeous,

I'm a Heart Centered Transformational Leader, speaker and educator with a big aspirations.  Obsessed with Moscato, salmon and "all things" comfie.  

Encouraging women entrepreneurs to inspire and make an impact!

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Breakthrough Coaching with Christie

It was through my own personal turbulent time of devastation, shame, and feeling like a complete failure,
that I learned about my own fears and limiting beliefs.  

I met Christie for the first time in November, she was speaking at a ladies event I attended.  I really resonated with her story.  I too felt lost,  broken and had hit rock bottom.  I had lost all the passion for my business and my personal life had fallen apart.  After completing a one-day VIP Intensive, here is what I've accomplished in less than 3 months:  I have booked $80,000 in business, which includes writing the largest contract in the history of my business, booking a dream client,  moving out of my current work space into a luxurious boutique space, restoring my confidence and passion for my business.  She has completely helped me transform my life and I would recommend her services to everyone.  

Christie helped resurge my confidence. She offered the clarity I needed to get back on track by asking those "hard" questions, the ones you know the answer to but you don't want to say out loud! She helped me dig deeper and suggested ways to conquer my fear! She made me recognize my limiting beliefs and get back on track with my Goals! If you have BIG Goals and Dreams in 2020 for your life and/or your business, reach out to Christie! I promise you will feel on top of the world after working with her!