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I didn't always have it figured out...

In fact, just a few years ago, I transitioned from Corporate to Comfie CEO,
was nicknamed "squirrel" from my coaches and fellow sister CEO's.
I lacked clarity, confidence and lived in fear.


Took a leap of faith and left corporate!

I spent most of those years climbing the corporate ladder, chasing titles and promotions and it was no longer fun, nor fulfilling. I knew it was time to move on, so I jumped!


Fairytale Dream Came True

Partnered with a long-time client with a successful agency, developed a new program that went on to gross nearly 3 million in sales the first year, which blew me away. I was in complete awe over the instant success. I felt on top of the world,
I had done it, I was an entrepreneur!


Forced to close my business and start over.

Within a blink of an eye, my fairy tale dream-come-true had ended. I was broken and defeated. I got up everyday feeling like a complete failure. I had no business, no purpose and no idea what to do. I had nothing left to give and found myself incapable of bouncing back. I had exhausted by savings, cashed out my 401k, wracked up forty thousand dollars in debt and owed ten thousand dollars in back taxes. I had hit rock bottom. 


The Confident Come-Back

I did the unthinkable, I hired a coach.  I finally admitted to myself I couldn't continue to attend Google University and run a successful business, I needed help! 
Stuck, was an understatement.  I definitely took the LONG road to get here, but grateful everyday for my transformational journey.


Living life on my terms

Currently, I'm probably sipping coffee or moscato, brainstorming new ideas on how I can make a bigger impact and inspire more women entrepreneurs to grow prosperous, purposeful and authentic businesses that allow them to live life on their terms.